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2019 Rav4 push start not following the step to start

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Yesterday i followed the steps and car was able to start with factory remote 3 lock on my 2019 RAV4 PUSH START using Toy13 Harness. Today i was planning to add Evo start and it is not following even key start option nor Evo start 2. Light is yellow/amber on evo one module. Please let me know what i am missing. Evo one serial number is 002B04 248000.

Thanks for help.
asked 1 week ago in Toyota by akm (820 points)

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What is the issue? Are you not able to program the es to the evo one?

Which evo start module are you using? evo start or evo start2? you mention both in your comment.

The yellow light should be on when the ignition is on or the vehicle is running.

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answered 1 week ago by derek ! (302,590 points)
Hi Derek,

Can you check serial number and see what is the issue. Issue is unit is not responding to start. I have evo start 2 but currently it is not even working with 3 times lock start. Yellow light on when ignition is turned on by push button. Let me know as i am following steps and is unit locked by multiple attempts. Thanks.
Evo one programming appears done correctly but it is not starting.
If you press lock on the oem remote does the blue led on the evo-one blink?
No light flash if i press lock. It seems locked
Please ensure option C1 is on.

If it is on, re program the module to the vehicle and re test 3x lock start.
Option C1 is ON. Unit was unlocked at your end. I did programming and decrypt the unit. It is not working with 3 times lock but when ignition is turned on, it is showing yellow solid light. No lights turns on when locking or unlocking. When shut down the car, blue light flash twice and doors are unlocked. Please help.

I would suggest calling into tech support so that an agent can go through the set up and programming with you to diagnose the issue.


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