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Evo One w/ Linkr LT2 - Transfer to New Car

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The time has come to let the 2015 Honda Odyssey go, .

I have the Evo One with Linkr LT2 for several years now and works flawlessly.  As a matter of fact, I have the same set-up in 2 of my other vehicles. GREAT PRODUCT!

Question, do I have to do a complete "hard" reset prior to installing the Evo One or can I use the flashlink to make the changes (new vehicle, key, etc) and update the Evo One.  And would you know if I have to "reset" the Linkr LT2?

Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated.

FYI, I'm going from a 2015 Odyssey to a 2019 CX5 (I have the THAR-ONE-MAZ3 already on order).
asked 1 week ago in Remote Starters by Rizallion Cloma (270 points)

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Fortin does not suggest re using modules. The modules are ment to be installed into 1 vehicle.

If you are going to do so, yes a reset is suggested.

Here is the link to performing a master reset. The document states for evo-all but the same reset aplies to the evo-one, just simply plug in the main 6 pin for the units power and ground.


Best regards.
answered 1 week ago by derek ! (302,590 points)
Update.  Did the master reset then set up the Evo One for the CX5.  Everything works as it should.  Once the remote start was working, all I had to do was plug in the Linkr LT2 and the app worked as always.

I did notice a "glitch" IMO, when doing the remote start. After a few minutes of running the TPMS light on the dash comes on.  But when I do the turnover, it's gone. It doesn't come on when driving so it can't be a tpms or low air issue.
On some vehicles, such as yours, that is normal. The tpms circuit is open under remote start and then closes back upon take over.