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remote start works only when im in the car

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my audi a3 2018 push to start have the remote start and work just fine for 2 years but last week the remote start works only when im inside of the car … any recommendations I already did the master reset and everything but it seems to work just when I’m inside of the car
asked 1 week ago in Audi by juanmena22 (130 points)

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What is the S/N number to the unit? It is located on the back of the module.

Was this installation done with or without a key being sacrificed.

Have new keys been programmed to the vehicle lately?

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answered 1 week ago by derek ! (301,380 points)

SN: 001A07 024301 

yeah one key it’s in the car … 

yeah has the 4 ways key program to it 


This indicates that your key wrap is no good.

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u have any pic of how its supposed to be.. what i don’t get its that work just fine 2 year and out of nowhere stop working
Lots of useful infomration can be found here or on google.

If keys were added to the vehicle, that is why.

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i did everything again and still just work when im in the car … i check the wrap on the key and it looks good to any other suggestions…