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rf-kit Long week

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The 441 remote was installed, but unfortunately I was disappointed. The remote control only gave me 20 meters or less. Contrary to what was mentioned about it, it gives more than 500 meters and all I need is 100 meters without obstacles. I placed the device in more than one place on the glass, but it was of no use

Please, I need support. Is there any settings or something?
asked Sep 11, 2023 in Toyota by MUSTAFA ADNAN (610 points)

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There are no settings that change the range of remotes. 

Several factors may affect the operating range of the remote transmitter:

  • A weak transmitter battery.
  • The operating environment such as in the city and airports due to radio interference, cell phone towers, etc.
  • Several types of metal such as the vehicle itself, other vehicles, the windshields tint lines and large buildings.
  • The vehicle’s shape. Vans generally have poorer range.
  • The shape of the vehicle’s roof and the A-pillars cause considerable radio-frequency deflection. As a result, the direction in which the vehicle is facing with relation to the remote transmitter can affect range. Facing the front of the vehicle generally produces the greatest range; secondly facing the back. Facing either side of the vehicle will usually give the poorest range.
  • The range will be significantly poorer in crowded parking lots as opposed to empty parking lots.
  • Hold the transmitter at shoulder height or hold it against your chin so your body acts as a larger antenna.
  • The operating range will be somewhat poorer on vehicles equipped with a factory alarm or keyless entry system.


I quick suggestion would be to drive a few kilometers away from your current position and try the remote fob there to see if you get better range. If you do, then there was RF interence. 

answered Sep 11, 2023 by Robert T (298,130 points)