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1-way RF kit with 2 4-button remotes very short range

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RF kit 441 was programmed on Camry 2020. It was successful, but it is very short range, only 25 meters. What is the reason?

asked 3 weeks ago in Toyota by MUSTAFA ADNAN (610 points)

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Antenna placemenet will greatly affect the range.


The antenna should be in the front windshield roughly 8-10" away from the rear view mirror. Also make sure it is not obstructed by other electronic deivces or the dot matrix on the egde of the windhsield.


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answered 3 weeks ago by derek ! (302,590 points)

The Antenna was installed on the windshield and the range is still weak! However, I don't know if the car will 

respond to the remote

How do I know that the car is responsive?