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2022 Ford F-550 Key options

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When looking for the guide for a 2022 Ford F-550 there is a Keyless and Non-keyless option.  When referring to Keyless, are they referring to Keyless entry via the key fob or as in push-to-start with no actual ignition key to turn?   We are assuming that it refers to the Keyless entry and not the push-to-start as there is no push-to-start option for a 2022 Ford F-550.  The keyless version uses the FORT-3 T-harness and the Non-Keyless option uses the FORT-2 T-harness.  We have purchased the FORT-3 T-harnesses as all of our fleet has the Keyless entry via the key fob.  Thank you.
asked 3 weeks ago in Ford by Dave Scott (390 points)

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Keyless meaning keyless entry, aka oem remotes.


Yes, if you have keyless entry, evo-fort3 is the way to go!


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answered 3 weeks ago by derek ! (302,590 points)
Great, thank you for the information.