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2020 Camry Hybrid engine not starting via remote start

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Hello everyone, I have a 2020 Grande Camry Hybrid, and I bought a long range remote start device with one all evo and THAR-TOY13, and I connected plug to plug without cutting any cable with a flashing, but the remote start did not work

Please see the attached picture, there are signs I have put for inquiries

asked Sep 1, 2023 in Toyota by MUSTAFA ADNAN (610 points)
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Yes you need to connect the starter wire. It is mandatory.

The loose wires coming out of the t-harness are not needed for 3x lock start.

What is the S/N number on the back of the evo module?

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answered Sep 1, 2023 by derek g (328,110 points)

I have two pieces  ONE ALL EVO

I programmed it seems to be programmed but it is not

After programming, when opening and closing the door it should flash blue, but no, it is as if it was not programmed

Please see the video






Please turn on option D1.

Also please ensure you have connected the starter wire.


Once these 2 things are done, please re test 3x lock.

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The D1 option is ON , but it did not work It was programmed before, and when opening and closing the door, it blinked in blue and was already programmed, but I reset it because the remote operation did not work because the starter cable was not connected. Now everything has been connected, but it is not programmed