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How to fix RFK 942 to only unlock drivers door?

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I recently installed an evo one  thar one maz3 harness with the rfk 942 on a 2017 CX-5 push to start.  Flashed it with the latest firmware available and recommended settings.  Everything works except when I press the unlock button once on the rfk 942 it unlocks all doors.  On the bypass side I have B1 turned on for drivers door unlock priority but it still unlock all doors.

Any suggestions?
asked Aug 29, 2023 in Mazda by Darius Darmanie (160 points)

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Does the vehicle offer this vehicle on the factory remote?

If not then it probably isnt do able.

If B1 is already on and it is not doing it than more than likely the feature is not supported on your vehicle.


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answered Aug 29, 2023 by derek g (331,650 points)
Yes the OEM remote is set to unlock drivers door only with the unlock button pressed once through a setting in the infotainment system in the Mazda cx-5
You could try a different version of firmware in the evo. As long as the module is not older than 5 years. If you do this it will require you to re program and re dcrypt the evo using the flu & flm.

If it still does not do priority unlock on a different version, then this would tell me that feature is not supported on your vehicle.

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Ok thanks I'll try it, will it count a flash out of the 8?  Or is it just the same 1 flash that don't count towards the 8 because it's the same vehicle?
After looking into a little further for you.

I do not recommend trying that. It isnt going to work.

The feature is simply not supported on mazda vehicles.


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I will leave it as is since since everything else featured for that vehicle works on the evo one, The customer can use the door handle button outside to unlock just the drivers door when needed (for safety).  Thanks for your assistance Derek.