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Programing evo-all in 2013 Escape

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Trying to install an evo-all with the thor-for1 t harness into a 2013 escape with standardkey start.  Just want the remote start feature.  Evo module came from my sons infiniti g37x. It has been reflashed with flashlink to be installed in the escape.  Concerning that the flask status bar never goes over 25% beofore it "comepletes" the flash.  

The module will not program to the car.  With the standard 2 key programing, when I get to step 8 and press and hold the program button, the vehicel never starts and the bule and red leds come back on solid.  If I try the Dcryptor medthod, with either key, the red led never goes out and yellow never comes one durring the key cycle steps.  if I just plug the module in w/o holdong the program button, all the leds flask as if the module is not programed.

As the thor-for1 did not come with a C plug, I took the ones from the infiniti harness. however I do not have a A plug either, but not sure that is needed...?
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asked Aug 27 in Ford by Thomas Daniel (200 points)
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Answered my own queston.  took the a plug from my son's old t harness and connected the yellow, blue(ish) and blue(ish)/black wires to it and plug it in.  Module programmed fine after that.  Does not ecplain why the thar-for1 t harness does nto have that included though...
answered Aug 27 by Thomas Daniel (200 points)