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EVO-ALL and CarLink CL6 Wiring

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I installed EVO-All using THAR-For4. Then i added Carlink CL6 into it. Remote start stop, battery health, and gps features worked right away with no issues but Carlink App also has 4 Auxilary options, heated seats options and lock/unlock options. I read on Fortin that my THAR-For4 shuold be enough to use lock/unlock feature on CL6 but it does'nt work, So I guess I have to open the kick panel and split wires there. I paid $5 for subscription token to see if I can find wiring help but its created by a 5 years old so thats ok.

My question here is how to I connect heated seats to EVO-All and is there any way to add climate control to one of those auxilaries showing in the app (add it to evo then use auxialry to control it). If I can get wire colors and location of wires I can work with that. Thanks

P.S. I have evo flash tool and I checked my lock/unlock options are on in the Evo-All settings.
asked Aug 20 in Ford by muhammad chohan (130 points)

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The evo-all has no aux outputs, so for this reason you would not be able to wire in heated seats. If you wanted heated seats you would need to use a conventional remote starter with aux outputs, at that point you wouldn only be using the evo as a bypass and no longer a remote starter.

Depending on the vehicle, if door lock control is desired from an after market app/remote, door lock connections can be required.


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answered Aug 21 by derek ! (301,380 points)