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2012 tundra g key evo one rfk942 stopped working

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2012 tundra. Been in service for a year with evo one and rfk942 kit. Suddenly stopped remote starting. no parking light flashes. locks and unlocks. blue led flashes on evoall. when remote starting, red led comes on, then yellow. instrument cluster illuminates. half second later red turns off. one second later yellow turns off. No parking light flashes. no reattempts.

new brake switch was installed just as a precautionary. hood switch was bypassed as a precautionary.

verified firmware and options are still in module.


any ideas?
asked Aug 15, 2023 in Toyota by Robert Simon II (250 points)

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Turned out the tail lights were back feeding a small amount of voltage into the brake light circuit. The abs module was reporting a brake light on, so the can bus was reporting brakes on defeating the car starter request
answered Sep 3, 2023 by Robert Simon II (250 points)
selected Sep 5, 2023 by derek g
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If it doesnt try a 2nd time that indicates something is stopping the evo on its initial attempt, common things that will stop the evo are  A11 - Hood and A7 Brake, try turning them off in the evo options to see if it then remote starts. If it does, one of the 2 is your issue.


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answered Aug 16, 2023 by derek g (328,110 points)
I have disabled a11 and a7 to no avail. I have verified all wiring is still properly tied in. Vehicle will not execute a take over when running and sending a remote start command.

I have verified both can hi and lo are good via pico scope at evo one. I have also tried another evo one unit.

I have visual verified wiring for sil data break at tpms module, but have not verified resistance as of yet. We do solder and heatshrink, so it is rare for a connection issue.

I have verified immo wire at dlc3 is spliced and soldered in, but am not sure how to verify either one via picoscope. I would be nice to know what I should see as far as a voltage and type of pattern to verify those connections are proper.


Thanks for your time
From my understanding there is no crank and the RS simply stops once ignition turns on. Something is cutting off the RS routine upon ignition being powered up.

If you had an issue with IMMO wiring, the RS would still crank the car but the vehicle would die off. The RS would then attempt a 2nd time.

Disconnect the 20 pin connector and see if it atleast attempts to crank (it will not stay running though). If it does at least crank, then you will want to verify what the BLACK and PINK/BLACK are connected to. Typically, they shouldnt actually be connected to anything unless someone physically wired the brake (black wire) and added a hood-pin (pink/black).