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Engine won't shutdown after remote start put in Ready mode

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Hi, I have a 2006 Mazda Mazdaspeed6 with a manual transmission and I'm trying to remote start it with the EVO-ONE I installed on it. I believe I wired everything correctly according to the instructions but the engine is not shutting down after I follow the sequence to enable Ready Mode on the remote starter. The doors lock and unlock confirming that the sequence was done correctly to enable remote starter but when i get out of the vehicle and close the door the engine doesn't turn off and I'm unable to lock the door with the OEM remote. Its as if it doesn't know the status of the doors?
asked Aug 15, 2023 in Mazda by Joel Cordova (130 points)
edited Aug 15, 2023 by Joel Cordova

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Not seeing door status or it is detecting a door was already open. When it detects a door being already open, it is actually idle mode that will be engaged and not ready mode. Door status is mainly on CAN-BUS but if you wired in the hood pin, you may want to check the hood pin.

Ideally you want to also make sure the evo-one is actually engaging and staying engaged. When it is engaged, the top red led will be on.
answered Aug 16, 2023 by Robert T2 (298,600 points)